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Communication Made Simple

What if communication was simple. No misunderstandings or misrepresentations. No mind reading required or implied meanings to interpret. No need to state the obvious. Your role as a property manager would be much easier - yes?

Its so easy for a single message to be lost. How long does it take to find that thought or message that came a few hours or days ago? How are you managing the communication between the office and the tenant at your property? How many outstanding issues are being missed or dragging on? How frustrated are people as a result?

Like it or not, we live in a connected world. Now, more than ever before we form a thought, share and expect instant response. While instant results may not be expected, instant answers are.

And as the property size increases, the number of issues rise exponentially. How do you manage it all?

What if there was one number to text or one address to email? A welcome message to start and then simply reply. Each tenant, manager or service provider all using the same contact address. All communication logged and properly routed. No lost messages when someone is absent. No change notice when a key player leaves. No need for IT to create unique email addresses and set up cell phones with extensive contact directories. One place for all your property communication.

Outstanding issues, task assignments, reminders, alerts and journal logs all accessible by each property manager as well as the central office. A simple mouse click adjusts message routing when key players change. Everything else continues on normally. Owners experience a new level of transparency while tenants enjoy improved service levels.

If weve piqued your interest, we have more to share with you. Click the banner above to try the app for FREE right now. We think it's the best way to experience the difference. If you get stuck - we're a phone call away - or click the help icon for online guidance at each step.

Lets take a closer look at how this works. To introduce yourself, the property manager sends a welcome email and/or text message through the web portal to the tenant's device. The property managers portal contact information is now available to the tenant, while their actual personal email and text message address remain confidential.

Some time in the future, when the need arises, the tenant simply replies to the email or text with their question or concern. The issue is logged on the server for the owner and any other authorized property manager to view. It is also instantly relayed to the primary property manager for the location.

The property manager then replies to the email or text message. The response is logged on the server before being routed to the tenant.

The property manager can also open a trouble ticket, request third party services and track issue status. A link for the ticket can be sent to the tenant so they can be alerted to changes in the issue status.

All communication is logged through the server so no issues are dropped.

If a new property manager is assigned (permanently or temporarily) to the tenants building, their device becomes the primary recipient of all incoming questions or concerns. The new property manager has access to all contact information and issues through the web portal.

If weve piqued your interest, we have more to share with you. Click here to try the app for FREE right now. You'll be on line in minutes with no credit card required.

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