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You’ve discovered the benefits of a property management software solution. You recognize how your life as a property manager could be simplified with a powerhouse tool such as this. Next step - defining the features that you need in your ideal solution.

The Suitelink product is the cost effective alternative for the small operator with enough features to impress the big player. Check out the feature list below, then sign up for your free trial! Sign up fast - and lock in your low introductory rate for as long as you remain an active user.

Business Operations

Track outstanding work requests
Help desk issue tracking link
Log and track maintenance tasks
Create reminders for tasks, suites, assets
Track vehicles, parking, access fobs
Track and schedule appointments
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Document Storage

Store documents and control distribution
Access from anywhere, anytime
Tenant access through secure site

Simple communication

CRM for tenants and contractors
Log communication including emails and text messages
One address for tenants and contractors - auto redirect on personnel change
Broadcast messages by suite, building, groups
Create a community with message board


Automatically create invoices
Easily identify outstanding payments
Tenant access to invoice history
Track costs and receipts easily
Create income and expense reports

This web property management system makes organization a snap. And it won't cost an arm and a leg to use! Start with a test drive for FREE!

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