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When you are away from your home on vacation or travelling are you aware of the message you are broadcasting?

Newspapers and flyers on the doorstep, unkept lawns or fresh snow signalling untraveled walkways. Outside lights on all day.

All signals that no-one is home. The appearance of an occupied home is the number one deterrent of burglary.

Did you know that household insurance policies typically stipulate that an unoccupied home must be checked regularly in order to comply with insurance requirements?

Perhaps you have a good neighbor or friend who keeps an eye on the place for you? How much can you expect them to do? How much can you impose?

Many people feel uneasy about leaving their homes unattended - the thought of someone creeping through there or rifling through your personal things is unsettling.

Suitelink Home Watch service is an affordable and dependable method to provide peace of mind while you are away. We give your home that “lived in” look.

Whether you are looking for a simple periodic outside perimeter check of the property, garage and home or a more detailed interior home check for
plumbing or water leaks, sump pump operation, heating system functioning properly or food freezer and storage checks, we can help with that.

We can even arrange for snow removal, lawn care and pool maintenance while you are away. Want your bills paid and mail forwarded? Lets talk about that. You're home is in good hands with our property care.

Call us to tailor a plan for your individual requirements.

Want insider tips on steps to give your home that lived in look while you are away? Enter your contact information into the form below, then check your inbox! We'll send it to you right away. Because your home security and peace of mind is important to us too!










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