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A real-estate lock box is a box that hangs near the door of a house that is on the market for sale. The device holds the keys to a house to allow communal access for authorized real estate professionals, while continuing to keep them secure. Permission is generally required from the seller, who is the owner, to install such a device on the door to the property.

Lock boxes are secured with a security code. In order to gain access, an authorized agent contacts the listing agent for the code.

Using our system, this process is automated, freeing the listing agents time.

Simply post in your flyers, listings and advertising that agents wanting the lockbox code should visit the website

The showing agent requests the lock box code on-line. The listing agent can authorize the code access, and the requesting agent is notified of the lock box combination through our web server.

The listing agent then has the ability to automatically allow showing agents to be authorized to obtain codes from any or all of their listings automatically. Showing agents only need to register once on the site from their mobile device.

This process makes the process faster, simpler and makes the home much more secure, as the listing agent can change the lock box code at will, while still providing a simple way for authorized professionals to access the property. Each request for a code is logged, so the listing agent can determine who has accessed the property. Best of all - it's a free service for agents to securely share lockbox codes using this system.

The system also provides agents the opportunity to share comments about the property securely on-line.








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