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Great tools for those in the market for real estate! Whether you are a buyer, looking for your next home - or an agent, looking to sell more properties, this site has something for you ...

thisweeksopenhouse is your tour of homes offered this week in your area. has great tools for all your real estate needs.

Together, these sites provide powerhouse real estate tools.

Explore the site For Buyers | For Agents

As a buyer, lets you organize your ideal properties being featured each week, then add them to your list of homes to view. Click "Select Location" to search our site by city or neighborhood. Click Add a listing to add an open house you found on-line. Once you've added a property, click "My List" to add it to your tour list.

Once you have defined your short list for your open house tour, click "My Property List" to show just those properties you have selected.

Now the fun starts - you can quickly and easily sequence your list to optimize your travel route. Click "Map" for a map to find out where the property is. Then number the properties 1-10 (or how ever many you are going to see. Once they are in order, click "Dir" for directions on how to get there between properties.

Now that you have your route finalized, click "Print My List". You now have a printed sheet with key information on the home, a link to maps, your original listing detail page and directions on how to get there.

Add your contact information and email to save your list of homes. You can add comments and notes to keep track of all the homes you've seen. Expand and simplify your house hunting experience with Track all the homes you've viewed, your private notes on each and your shared comments with your agent!

As an agent, feature your open house and all your home listings online in just a few mouse clicks. Add your broker information and contact details with links to your own website. Buyers love the easy to organize viewing list. Open your profile on to further enhance your listing.

And you can sponsor a weekly list to get your name exclusively featured front and center of every buyer using our site in your business area!

Use the open house register on to track who attended your open house event, follow up with them automatically and track which homes you've shown them.

On you can create view lists for your clients quickly and easily. When you do that, you're creating a feedback and followup system that works for you and them. Add the power of the internet to the value you provide your clients.

Combine that with our working alone feature to keep you safe while showing those homes automatically.

And automate the process of managing all your property lock box codes to free up your time while improving feedback about those homes.

That's all combined with a super effective CRM system that will become your go-to system for staying in touch. Now you're building clients for life!

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