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Are You Alone?

Provocative subject line, I know. Makes you wonder if you should be in private when you open it. That's not the case, I assure you.

Here's the thing - the other day, while I was touring a property with a client, his cell phone rang - not unusual, right? But it struck me that this was no normal call - you see, he was working on his own. The call was from his receptionist to ensure he was ok. That's a requirement under health and safety law when people work alone.

It struck me that was pretty progressive - they had worked out a simple and respectful way to ensure he was safe. Do your work on your own? Do you have people who work on their own? People who might be at risk?

As a consultant, I work with people to expand their reach, see things differently and get more done with less resources. As in lean methods, workplace automation, breaking paradigms. As in "YET".

YET - the small word that changes everything. As in; We don't do that here. Or: We don't do that here, YET. Changes the meaning, changes the mood. Goes from glass half empty to glass half full in a flash. Optimism. The power of YET. Paradigm broken.

Some tools I introduce can be surprisingly effective in other businesses. If I showed you a simple tool that would get you more leads, give you more time and keep you and your people safe, would that be of interest to you?

I had this idea to automate the process of working alone. It frees up the receptionist and documents the process. And keeps people safe while tracking time spent on projects. And it does a ton of other cool stuff too. If that's of interest to you, or someone you know, feel free to share a link to this page.

Here is how it works ...

Are you safe when you are working at your display suite by yourself?

Are you safe working late at night at the office by yourself?

Are your resident property managers safe working on their own in their building?

As a broker, are your real estate agents safe while showing listings to their clients?

Are you safe in that ride share car, taxi cab or city bus?

As a parent, are your kids safe coming home from school, jogging through the park, or exploring new areas of town? Are they on their own waiting for you to come home from work?

Do your elderly parents, relatives or neighbors live on their own? While the push for help pendant may provide piece of mind, what if they don't (or can't) push that button?

Would a simple check in system that records your GPS position with your web enabled device help you be more secure? Would that provide piece of mind and reduce your stress?

Get started now and be up and running in minutes. The next part will be training your staff. With our simple solution, that will be easy!

For More Information:

Manitoba Workplace Heath and safety act
Part 9 - Working Alone.

Ontario Heath and Safety Regulations - working alone

Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
Section 35 - working alone

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code
Working Alone Part 28

BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation
Working Alone





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